Sunday, June 19, 2011

Using Natural Light

breakfast in natural light
No flash!

I took the photo using the natural light in an Almost Facing North Window.  
No flash.  And it worked. That surprised me!

Then I drew the scene and took the photo of my drawing in the same place, next day.

Now if I could learn to draw contours to make my flat drawings into 3D, I would feel a lot better about them.

However I did learn a lot about photographing my drawings  Maybe I can stop going over every line with a black marker!  I did find this link and plan to practice my banana drawing skills.

Closer to the window  
The camera saw the dappled sunlight that I didn't even notice!


Connie said...

You've done a very nice job so far! As a fairly new sketcher myself, I know how hard it is to see light and line and shadow. Stare at your photo for a while - where else are there faint shadows that could help? For a start, try adding the shadow of the peel, on the table and on the banana itself. Then the thin line of shadow under the peeled part, between banana and the still-attached peel. Then, following the curves you see in the photo, draw in the lines in the banana. See if that doesn't make some shape pop. If you want to go further, see where there's faint shadow on the left edge of the bowl. What's super hard for me are the highlights: on the bowl rim, for example. A little light shading, leaving white for the highlight, can add a lot too. Good luck!

Alex said...

I do agree with Connie. You've done a great job =) Please let us know as soon as you've worked more on this piece.