Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dress up your Hand

I have a long way to go in drawing hands. The hands in the previous post were next to impossible for me to draw.  So today's photo assignment got me thinking maybe instead of practicing bananas I should be practicing hands, since they do come up as subject matter more often than bananas. At least they do in my life.

The assignment was to use bounced light and to " dress up your hand" - since I really feel it is chocolate not diamonds that is a girl's best friend, I dressed up my ring finger with a nice dark chocolate kiss.

I did have to go into iphoto and adjust the exposure on this - haven't learned to do it successfully on the camera yet.n My "light bouncer" is a pad of watercolor paper that I opened and sat on the table by my north-facing window which is currently facing a rain cloud.

Now my personal challenge of drawing same ...   all I can say is ... needs practice!

1 comment:

Christi said...

chocolate > diamonds ANY day. Nice drawing.