Tuesday, June 21, 2011

EDM 318 Numbers


When I thought of something with numbers, I chose to sit outside and sketch my car. My husband is ever so proud of the 26.2 on the back although HIS car has the updated 140 point whatever that says he is an ironman.

Didn't seem appropriate to put a 5K on it even though that is as far as my little legs will trundle.

But the joy of my day is walking out to my car under a dreary Michigan cloud cover and seeing the Florida license plate that reminds me of sunnier days gone by and ahead.

Photograph with contrast and saturation adjusted
I would love some advice on how to scan or photograph a pencil drawing, I seem to lose a lot in the translation.


bettyfromtexas said...

it's an excellent sketch!! A clever take on the prompt :-)

Christi said...

I wonder if it'd work better to take a picture of the sketch with your camera?

nanke's stuff said...

What a terrific idea for your numbers sketch, and what a wonderful job you did with it! As for the scan, what I do with my scanned things is open them in Photoshop and adjust the contrast there. That's also where I resize them for posting. It seems to work pretty well. nancy

Ellen Burkett said...

Cool! Great job!

Alex said...

Nailed the challenge! =) Great job with the proportion and perspective of the vehicle

Cathy Holtom said...

I like your idea & sketch, as for the pencil sketches...they are notoriously hard to scan, perhaps you can adjust the settings on your scanner?