Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Every Day in May - Egg carton

The challenge was to draw an egg carton. But the challenge started long before that after I read an article about eggs, about egg labeling, and about how they keep the chickens who lay eggs and feed them antibiotics and hormones and antidepressants so they will lay more.  I ended up searching the shelves and finding eggs in the organic section -

Seems funny to think of an egg as either organic or inorganic. 


SusanK said...

Looks great!

renate said...

Hello Cat:) I've seen how they ever in cases dealing with chickens. Outrageous! But yet I only buy eggs of chickens who have walked outside. It is pretty good that we are aware of. Your drawing is wonderful. I think it's kinda difficult to paint because of the different depths. Very nicely. Clever work!