Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pileated woodpecker

I am told this guy won't be found down in the middle of Michigan where I live, so after seeing one in a nearby tree, I pulled up an image on my ipad to draw and preserve the memory. The one I saw was not in a birch tree, but I gave into a fascination with birchbark and transplanted him. Hopefully no birdwatcher will see my blog and question the authenticy of his perch.

What I didn't capture was the amazing size of this bird ... Think the size of a large squirrel or small rabbit!


Wish I had a red pencil to capture the striking red headband .


Once again I am blogging from my ipad , with a photo emailed ipod to ipad so the size of this image is probably quite small. Considering how un-technological I am, it is a wonder that this post will go up at all!






SusanK said...

I saw one in our neighbor's magnolia tree a few weeks ago. Yes, they are rather large and quite loud! Great drawing!

renate said...

Hai Cat:) This drawing is a bit bigger:) I love it! You did a great job on it!