Monday, July 30, 2012

Plein Air Marigolds

Sat in front of some Marigolds in Dow Gardens with my Monday Plein Air class --  attached are the results. This is watercolor,  on a dull orange colored pastel paper, then on gray and then in my sketch book

I took the photo at an angle, the square is actually a square, honest!

The dappled sunshine we were sitting in ...
beautiful, but not the best lighting to paint!

Done in inktense watercolor pencils
plus brown calligraphy pen

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renate said...

Hi Cat:) You've been busy! I like them all three. The composition of the first one is very nice. I love the big orange flowers against the dark green grass. The second is painted very "soft". Very nice. The colors of the third I like very much. Also love the background. This is my favorite becouse of the style. Nice job done!