Saturday, July 7, 2012

garlic and potatoes

I keep thinking I need to find my style. I have been doing a lot of plain air watercolors and they are fun, it is such a challenge to bring along everything I need and work outside.

But then I come inside and do pen and ink or colored pencil and really enjoy that too.

I so admire the artists who know what they like and do it .... and get better and better at it. I keep jumping from one media to another ...

The elephant garlic was done in a brown ink then water brushed.  I am thinking I may add some color to it today.

The sunflower ( now tell me, doesn't the center look like a potato?) is in colored pencil.

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Vicki Holdwick said...

I am so with you on this "jumping into another medium" thing. Love the garlic and wouldn't have seen the potato, but now I can't help it. Your fault,