Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drawing Class

I am taking a colored pencil drawing class at the art center - and we spent the first hour of class creating "french gray" from colored pencils. She said that you would get a depth of color by using 2 complementary colors that you don't get by using grays. So we layered and layered.
Creating French Gray with complementary colors

There's more than one way to sketch an egg ...

I found this site which also talks about making grays ... and a whole lot more.

We did thumbnail sketches of an egg on a white cloth - she explained the rule of thirds and sweet spots.

Then I started looking for tutorials on drawing eggs ... and of the thousands, I liked the finished look on this one, but not the way it was filmed.

The trouble with never having had art classes is that the simplest thing, like drawing a 3D object, sends me to the internet for tutorials.  But there sure is a lot of support to be found!

Our homework is to create a 6 x 8 composition of an egg on a cloth using colored pencils but ending with gray tones.

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Christi said...

Your art is always beautiful. I am constantly inspired by all the new things you do.