Friday, November 2, 2012

Chinese Chrysanthemums

I just started a Chinese Brush painting class in chrysanthemums. 

Louise Chen does an incredible job of describing the culture and its relationship to art.  The chrysanthemum is the fall flower, when all the other wild bloomers have ended and there is a focus on wisdom and relaxation.  She likened it to people in their 60s. They have done what they had to do and now can reflect.

Hmm. Time for reflection!

This one is on double shuen rice paper

We practice on coffee filters to see how ink will run.

I need to work on my vases!

This is on double shuen rice paper.

More on rice paper.

Ok I really like this pot. Not terribly Chinese, but I like it!

Another one on a coffee filter.
I did some reading online and found that this flower is a good gift for an older person since it indicates strong life.  But another source said that in Belgium and Austria they are particularly associated with funerals.  I find it so interesting to see the meanings associated with this flower!  But I am spending too much time reading online, I should be practicing how to paint it!

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renate said...

Hey Cat! Wow you do an amazing job with these japanese drawings. The ones with the hanging flowers are great but all the others are too. Very beautiful!