Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drawing at the DMV

If I were still teaching creative writing, I might give these characters to my students to create a story.   A trip to the local DMV plus my dark sunglasses gave me quite a sketching opportunity. Nobody realized I was staring at them, and for all they knew I was busily creating shopping lists in my little notepad.

Ms. Frendle.  Explaining for the 4th time that you can't have the
same car licensed in both Florida and Tennessee;
honestly, I would get grouchy too!
MaryAnne - at least that is what I could call her.
Very put together, focused, and eager to get on with her busy day.

CarrieLou - tousled and hassled;
clearly this was not her idea of fun!

Betty - This gal kept giggling to her
not-too-amused boyfriend.
Cedrick - wearing the gold chain from the girlfriend,
and trying hard to follow her quick topic changes  and moods.

Sparky - used to getting things done and
definitely not used to waiting

Ms. Penelope - hard working DMV'er,
can't quite get accustomed to the
crowds demanding her attention
Sheila - hair tucked into a cap and
wishing she were on a beach right now.

Bitsy and Grandpa - she is dreaming of getting her
license soon; he is dreading the day he
loses his.

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SusanK said...

What a fun way to pass the time while in the DMV line!