Sunday, February 26, 2012

Open Studio

So nobody taught you anything? No, we just sat and worked. Nobody said what you should do? No, everyone was working on their own.  Did you watch what someone else was doing? No, some were doing oils, some were doing watercolors. I was using pencil.  But you had to pay for it? Yes, the model got paid. And you did this for HOW long?  3 hours. But it really flew by.

Mike doesn't quite understand the treasure it was to have an open studio --- the model was dressed as a ballerina, and some of the artists there were on their 2nd week of capturing Degas-like flowing figures.  I drew Pamela's face --- and yes, it did take 3 hours. She would sit for 20 min then a 5 minute break.

I want to go back next week. The fellow who organizes the group asked if he should get a pirate, complete with parrot, or an 8 month pregnant lady. The group said pregnant lady, because we won't be able to get her for long!  I really was hoping for the pirate!

 Got home and did a drawing of a beach boy from an ad for surfboards, and a beach bum from the arrested-today-in-Brevard county lineup on the internet!

Here is my latest orchid drawing. Can't decide if I should paint it, use colored pencils, or leave it alone!


SusanK said...

Oh, please color the orchid...with watercolors! It's so pretty! Yeah, I'd choose a pregnant lady for the same reason.

Juliet A said...

Your shading is getting really good!

ElasticUnicorn said...

Hello Cat,
Wonderful portraits.
Well done.
With the orchid - I would leave it as it is as you have done a great job. I really nice graphite drawing. And of course, you could always try another drawing of the same flower and paint that one - two wonderful works instead of just the one.