Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chicago Weekend

Had another quick trip back through Chicago this weekend.  I was able to stop at Dick Blick and got a new sketchbook.

Mike wanted to swim so I had some beach time.

I was ever so happily drawing a chair with a towel draped over it. When I looked up from my sketchbook, this man had plopped down onto the chair. So I started adding him into the sketch. As you can see, I started working from the bottom up and never saw his face!  All at once I glanced up and he had moved off taking my chair along with him.

My best drawing of the weekend is on the back of a scrap of blue paper - We were walking along when Mike took a phone call and I grabbed a scrap from my pocket and drew a streetlamp while I waited. I was really happy with how it turned out.


nanke's stuff said...

Sounds like a fine time! Very nice sketches ... I especially like the one of the back of the little girl. It's very sweet! nancy

Ann said...

Great sketches! I agree the one of the little girl is precious.